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ProfiClave PetriSwiss TubeFiller


ProfiClave - All-in-one Media preparation, water bath and autoclave.


ProfiClave PC 10/20 is a fully automated bench top Media Preparator designed for the rapid processing of up to 10L/15L of sterile culture media.Intuitive software accessible via a touch screen. gives access to 20 programmes with options for single or double heating cycles, autoclave mode or heating mode. The time-delay and temperature timer functions enable agar pouring to commence at start of work and coupled with fast cool down function.

Untitled          Untitled3   Untitled4                                       The front panel houses all user control functions and parameter printout and the unit comes complete with a stainless steel cuvette, built in pressure pump to prevent flash boiling, high strength magnetic stirrer, sterile filter for pressurization and easy vessel access, no bolts or tools necessary.

The unique pressure correction adjusts the boiling point relative to ambient pressure and optimizes deaeration.10/15L of Agar are ready for pouring in one hour only. Used together with one of Petri dish filling systems, the ProfiClave P10 /20 provides the complete solution for media preparation.

Key Features:

  • Prepares 10/15 Litres agar stirred and temperature controlled.
  • Vessel access is amazingly simple no belts or tools required.
  • Stores to a x 20 user-defined programs (each single or double cycle programs).
  • Water jacket design enables even heating within the vessel.
  • Fully controlled stirrer with variable speeds.
  • PT100 controlled temperature probe for agar a surrounding water jacket.
  • Multiple purpose (media sterilizer, bench top autoclave and stable water bath).
  • Timer function enabling agar pouring at the start of work.
  • Unique atmospheric pressure measure and boiling point correction for reliable sterilization.

Technical Data:

ProfiClave PC 10 DataSheet

 ProfiClave PC20 DataSheet



PetriSwiss Series:

From small semi-automatic bench top units, unique carrousel solutions with safety Petri-Racks, up to linear high throughput dish filling solutions. We have the widest Range of Petri Dish filling solutions designed to match your individual requirements :-

PetriSwiss 200/400 - The carrousel filler with the removable rack for dish loading:

PetriSwiss 1

Automatically fills and stacks dishes in removable safety racks.The unit takes the lowest dish from the staple and places the dish separated from its lid into the UV protected filling chamber. While filling this dish, the unit simultaneously staples the previously filled dish and prepares the next dish to be filled. As soon as 1 PetriRack is processed completely, the unit moves the complete magazine disk by one position and restarts this process until all columns are processed. The unit stops after one full round and allows to replace all dishes manually or by replacing with prefilled racks. This unique removable rack principle allows that racks can be prefilled and loaded onto the rack disk at any time. The dishes can remain stored in the rack, in a safe and stable stand. The unit down time for a refill is minimal.

PS 200: The unit fills 9 sets of 20 dishes in the PetriRack(=180 plates) under UV light.

PS 400: The unit fills 9 sets of 40 dishes in the PetriRack(=360 plates) under UV light.

PetriSwiss 2 PetriSwiss 3      PetriSwiss 4         


PetriSwiss900 – A fully automatic and very precise Petri dish filling system:

PetriSwiss 8

Main Features:

AUTONOMOUS         The feed unit allows 400 Petri dishes to be loaded. These
OPERATION               are filled autonomously and ejected with the preselected stack  
                                   height on the work bench.

DISH LOADING          Freely loading single dishes or dish stacks onto the supply 
SINGLE DOSING         Programmable medium dosing quantity per Petri dish.

VOLUME DOSING       Programmable total dosing quantity (e.g. 8.5 l) onto number of            
                                    dishes (e.g. 850 dishes).
DISH LABELLING         Automatic, alphanumeric dish labelling.
MEDIA SMOOTHING  This option allows you to optimise the filling temperature since
                                     it even permits media with high viscosity to be evenly 
                                     distributed in the dish.
STACKING                   Programmable stacking quantity (1-20) of the filled Petri
DISH DISCHARGE       Automatic discharge of the filled/labelled dish stacks.

Other Features:

Dosing quantities, speed, pause time and AntiDrop function programmable.

Stack function with programmable Petri dish stacking height.

Automatic initialisation and execution of a self-test.

Self-monitoring of all device functions (motors and switches )

Interface for connection of a foot pedal (start/stop function).

Connection facility for a higher-level host PC.

Discharge of the filled stacks into a fully automatic Petri dish handling system provided by the customer.


PetriSwiss 5     PetriSwiss 6     


PetriSwiss MINI PS20 - A fully automatic and very precise Petri dish filling system for small lot:

PetriSwiss 9

The unit fills sets of 20 dishes and these are available directly in the PetriRack. The dishes are safely stacked in the PetriRack and can even be transported, chilled or incubated in the rack. Fully autoclavable rack and the dishes can be taken from the rack continuously.

Despite the compact size, this miniature filling system is in no way inferior to the Petriswiss PS 900 professional solution as regards pump delivery, operator prompting or software options.

PetriSwiss 10



TubeFiller TF3000 – Automatic filling using XY-oriented laser tracking:
TubeFiller 1


TubeFiller reduces repetitive manual filling of any format laboratory racked tubes.  Based on its dedicated function to fill “any tubes in any rack” the design includes a very stable filling arm with 2 side rails for best position recovery, precise XY position axes, an easy manual height adjustment, an integrated laser tracking allows definition of exact rack position by checking the first and the last tube in the rack and an integrated pump to cover the standard microbiology filling range.

Advantages: No need for an additional pump for standard applications.  Easy to clean, no rims or gaps and therefore Microbiology friendly and optimal for Food-, Pharma- or Cosmetic- Lab environments.  Suitable for any rack from small 96 well format, typical Microbiology racks holding high glass tubes, up to customized beaker/ bottle holders or any other regular racked lab containments can be filled.

Intuitive Software:

 The software allows simplest setup of XY oriented tube racks. The racks are stored in a library. Any new rack setup of the filling platform can be programmed via the rack drag & drop menu. The variable rack frame allows the exact repositioning of rack’s. For repetitive routine applications customer design frames guarantee exact rack positions and process optimized high throughput filling applications. 

TubeFiller 2


TubeFiller 3