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DosiPump FlexiFuge  E-Vac PetriSphere FlexiRoll RotoFlex Omega Pipettor


DosiPump DP 1000:

DosiPump 1                  DosiPump 2






The unique 10-roller pump head eliminates the pulsations other than conventional peristaltic pumps. The dosing pump offers high flow rates of up to 1,000 ml/min.
The AntiDrop suppression function (precisely selectable retraction) prevents dripping between two dispensing operations and reduces the risk of contamination.
The sturdy housing is resistant to chemicals and easy-to-clean. A thread for attachment of stands is already incorporated for easy set-up of a filtration station.

Control and data input:
Calibration and operation without the need for a Manual! The graphic display is self-explanatory and offers various language options. All entries are made directly on the touch screen.

DosiPump 3


DosiPump 4


DosiPump 5


DosiPump DP 500:

DosiPump 8

-       Choose pump direction and speed
-       Choose between different tubing sizes
-       Dosing: with every click on the button (or optional with foot pedal)
-       DP500 Pump repeats the set volume
-       No calibration needed
-       Variable

 Several DP500i can be connected in series via USB cable (max. 8 Pumps). The dosing is done simultaneously by individual pump rates (speed).
The narrow housing allows the close set-up and connection of several DP500i units.The DP500 can be connected and monitored by a balance(EK3000 balance of AND).

It is also ideal for applications like filtration of cell culture media by membraneor hollow fiber-filters. The pump only stops the flow when the set amount of liquid is reached, independent of increasing counter pressure of the filtration. DosiPump DP500, easy, rapid, reproducible 1 Master up to 7 Slaves.


DosiPump 6                                        DosiPump 7


FlexiFuge Centrifuge

FlexiFuge 1This is a versatile, personal microcentrifuge for quick, low speed centrifugation. Whisper quiet motor offers two speeds (2000g or 5000g / 6,000 or 9,200 RPM ) depending on application.

FlexiFuge can be operated in continuous mode, pulsed for a short burst of rapid centrifugation, or timed to spin from 1-15 minutes. Regardless of setting, rotors stop once the lid release button is pushed. 

LED lights as optical control illuminates when the unit is active and glow  Red, Green or Blue. The color can be changed or turned off by the switch on bottom of unit. 

FlexiFuge is supplied with 3 rotor’s:  One 8-place fixed angle rotor for 1.5ml tubes and 8 adapters for 0.5ml tubes, one rotor for (4) 8 x0.2ml PCR tube strips and one  4-place  rotor to spin 5ml micro-centrifuge tubes.


FlexiFuge 2Features:                                                                                                    
• Whisper quiet motor                           

• Two speeds - 6,000 or 9,200 RPM’s

• Operates in continuous mode, pulse or timer (1-15 min.)


E-Vac - Safe, stable and secure waste system - a real alternative to traditional in-house vacuum.

E-vac 1These compact waste systems are ideal for use with critical or dangerous liquids or supernatants, pathogens, or any class III or IV biohazard laboratories. 

Quiet, oil-free membrane pump (range from –250 mm to 650 mm Hg). Once target vacuum is reached, pump automatically switches off. Pump automatically switches on when vacuum pressure is applied, allowing it to maintain a constant vacuum pressure - perfect for gentle aspiration of small plates and dishes, as well as rapid emptying of larger containers.  

Easy-to-clean stainless steel housing is UV-resistant for use in laminar hoods.  The E-Vac bottles can be autoclaved for 20 minutes at 121°C to prevent laboratory contamination. 

Base units are illuminated by LED to allow visual inspection of waste levels in the bottle.  

Dual hydrophobic filters prevent liquids from reaching the pump housing and contaminating the system.

 E-Vac is available with a 4-L PP bottle and lid with either barbed or with quick-release connectors for safe and convenient tubing  connections and level detection sensor that automatically shuts the pump off when the bottle is full. 

Accessories: E-vac 4 

  1. Hand-E-Vac for easy and convenient aspiration 
  2. Hand-E-Vac controller Set consisting of  
  3. Hand-E-Vac controller for pipettes (A) /Stand (B) 
  4. Adapter for single disposable tip (C)  
  5. 8-channel disposable tip  (D)   
  6. 8 channel stainless steel needles (E)

E-vac 3


PetriSphere - Anaerobic Gas-System:


When performing quality control for food, drink, cosmetic or hygiene products. samples are
tested for the presence of anaerobic bacteria. the cause of many infectious diseases and food
poisoning. Such sample are incubated in containers under anaerobic atmospheric conditions.
Specific, expensive compounds are normally required to replace the oxygencontaining air
with dry nitrogen.

The new PetriSphere system consists of a microprocessor-based controller, a diaphragm
vacuum pump and a gas reservoir connection which enables the air to be replaced by nitrogen
or carbon dioxide gas.


  1. Create atmospheres suitable for the culturing of anaerobic, microaerophilic and capnophilic bacteria in common anaerobic jars.
  2. Extremely rapid oxygen depletion.
  3. Develop anaerobic atmospheric conditions inside the jar in less than 1 minute.
  4. Chose the level of oxygen depletion (microaerophilic atmosphere).
  5. Significant cost savings by lowering the use of consumables.
  6. Reduces the need of compound supplies and waste systems.
  7. The power and control of the vacuum system is sufficient to work without sachets or catalysts.
  8. Multiple simultaneous atmospheres within multiple jars.


FlexiRollDigital cell roller:


FlexiRoll is a compact digital cell roller for use with a variety of bottles, tubes and flasks. Applications include growth and culturing of adherent cells, suspension cells, mixing blood or vacutainer TM tubes, washing nucleic acid blots or performing hybridization protocols. Ideal for use on a benchtop or in a CO2 incubator; can be safely operated in temperatures ranging from 4° - 60°C and atmospheric environments of up to 95% humidity. The FlexiRoll operates from .5 – 80 rpm and offers a timer function when used with the digital remote controller. The six included rollers will accommodate three large (850cm2) roller bottles.

Convinience & Features:
To maximize bench space the FlexiRoll can be stacked into a two tiered unit to provide additional roller bottle capacity. By inserting the anodized aluminum legs the second unit rests on top of the first allowing six rollers bottles to be cultured at a time. Each stacked unit is controlled independently to allow for speed variation.

The digital remote controller is useful for applications where the FlexiRoll unit is placed in a CO2 incubator or another closed environment. A digital key pad on the unit provides control of the time and speed settings of the FlexiRoll without having to open the incubator door. The FlexiRoll allows you to enter the chamber to handle your cells rather than the equipment.

• Accommodates 3 Roller Bottles.
• Ideal for hybridization, Western, Northern & Southern Blots.
• Variable speed control from .5 – 80 rpm.
• Easy-to-clean, chemically resistant housing.
• Stackable for additional capacity.
• Digital remote control for CO2 incubators.
• Small foot-print takes up less bench space.


RotoFlex - Bench Top Tube Rotator
The RotoFlex will accommodate a variety of tubes from 1.5 - 50mL by simply changing the rotisserie. No tools required! The mixing angle can be adjusted from 0-90° and each of the 4 tube panels can be aligned independently. The 360° rotation ensures through mixing of all samples at the same time while rotating at 22 rpm.


Omega Pipettor

Omega Pipettor

Lightweight, ergonomic, UV resistant serological pipettor for accurate reproducible filling and dispensing of glass and plastic pipettes from 1 -100mL. 

 The Omega PLUS ™ Pipettor is a lightweight (190g), ergonomically designed pipette controller that combines single-handed pipetting with fast, precise liquid dispensing. The aspirating and dispensing speeds can be continuously adjusted with one hand  using the thumb dial. Touch sensitive contoured  buttons enable precise filling and dispensing with one hand. Its compact design makes it ideal for pipetting liquids in confined spaces.

Rechargeable 6.5V lithium ion battery will provide 10 hours of continuous use. NEW: can be opened to replace old battery by the user. Unique five bar LED display indicates battery strength and when to recharge. Overfilling and contamination are prevented by a 0.45µm hydrophobic filter located in the autoclavable nosecone. The Omega will accept glass or plastic pipettes from 1 – 100mL and is available in six colours. Unit is supplied with 6.5V lithium ion battery, 220V, 50Hz adapter, spare 0.45µm filter, wall mount, utility knife and spare I.D. labels.